10 Awesome Low Impact Workouts
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10 Awesome Low Impact Workouts

Why do low impact exercise? The reasons are endless. To begin with, it’s better on your joints, it lowers your risk of repetitive strain injuries like Achilles tendinitis, and it is much easier on your feet—especially if you have naturally high or low arches.

But one of the greatest things about low impact exercise is just how fun it can be! There are tons of cool activities out there that make great exercise while remaining easy on your joints. Check out these ten low impact workouts that could be the next exciting addition to your routine.


1. Ballroom Dancing

couple learning ballroom danceThink ballroom dancing is a low key activity? Think again. If there’s one thing that Dancing with the Stars taught us, it’s that ballroom dancing isn’t for the faint of heart.


2. Rollerblading

woman in rollerbladesRemember the good old days when rollerblading was cool? Well in our book, it’s still pretty amazing. Just think: you could be the one to bring it back!


3. Tai Chi

practicing tai chi in a studioTai Chi is a martial art has long been associated with longevity. Today, studies have shown tai chi’s physical and psychological benefits, from increasing flexibility and balance, to boosting the immune system, to lowering stress and anxiety.


4. Barre Workouts

barre workout These trendy hybrid workouts are inspired by ballet and help increase strength and flexibility. Barre classes can help you tone muscles that are usually underused which helps you become more agile and poised.


5. Water Aerobics

water aerobics in poolWater aerobics may look relaxing, but it can also be surprisingly challenging. Many people with joint or cartilage injuries find that water aerobics provides a great workout without adding stress to previous injuries.

6. Hula Hooping

low impact exercise outdoorsThis may seem like just another activity from the good old days, but you can break quite a sweat while hula hooping. Many fitness instructors are working hula hoops into their classes for that very reason.


7. Rebounding

rebounding exerciseThat’s right—trampolines aren’t just for kids anymore. Their springy surfaces are a great alternative to pavement and add new challenges (and tons of fun) to a typical workout.


8. Ariel Silks

silks acrobatics exerciseFeel graceful and impress everyone you know with your silks skills! The idea of performing amazing silks tricks are all the incentive you need to build muscle and increase your flexibility.


9. Kayaking

man with a paddle kayakingEven if you don’t live near a river, it’s worth the trip to go kayaking once in a while. You’ll have so much fun you won’t even realize how hard you’re working.


10. Zumba

dancing in zumba studio Zumba can be a fun, stress-free way to break a sweat. But the options abound for fun, dance-bases workouts. From hip hop to pole dancing to ballet, there’s a dance class for any style. Back to PainFreeHands

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