5 Reasons to Do Low Impact Exercise
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5 Reasons to Do Low Impact Exercise

Many active people shy away from low impact exercise, fearing that it won’t offer a rigorous enough workout. However, low impact activities offer numerous benefits. No matter what your fitness goals are, there are plenty of low impact activities that you can add to your schedule or use to replace a more risky workout. Check out these five reasons to do low-impact exercise and discover some new options for your fitness routine.


1. It can be as rigorous as you want it to be.

core strengthening  

Low impact exercise is not synonymous with low exertion. Essentially, the only difference between low impact and high impact exercise is the amount of strain it places on your joints. That’s why walking is a lower impact activity than running: walking doesn’t force you to “hit the pavement” with nearly the same force as running does.

Still on the lookout for a heart pounding workout? Cycling and swimming offer the same cardio benefits as running but with less stress on the joints. You can get the same calorie burning workout at the gym on an elliptical as you can the treadmill. Many strengthening exercises like bodyweight exercises and rowing are low impact as well.


2. Low impact exercise protects your joints from injury.


High impact exercises are the cause of many sports injuries including ankle sprains and cartilage tears. Repetitive strain injuries (RSI) like Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis often result from rigorous exercise, especially when people abruptly begin a new routine. If you run frequently, you have probably experienced the discomfort of shin splints, a common type of stress fracture.


3. New low impact activities will broaden your horizons.


Are you looking for a new activity that won’t exacerbate your joint pain? Many low impact exercises can be just as fun as your typical activities—if not more! Kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, and ballroom dancing are all low impact exercises that can lead to an amazing adventure and teach you something new.


4. It gives you peace of mind.


Yoga may be one of the most popular forms of low impact exercise. In addition to increasing strength and flexibility, it has been linked numerous times to improved mental health.  In addition to lowering heart rate and blood pressure, yoga has been shown to be great way to help combat stress, anxiety and depression.


5. It feels amazing!


While high impact sports can be fun, a repetitive strain injury can really take the enjoyment out of the activity. Running can be fun, but it feels like a major chore when your shins and joins begin to ache with every step. Once you’ve found a low impact exercise that you love, you can look forward to a workout routine that feels consistently great instead of worrying how bad your next run might feel.

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