Why Fish Pedicures are banned in 10 U.S. States

You may have heard of some spas offering a so-called “Fish pedicure” as a way to remove dead skin cells from customers’ feet. As the trend has grown, many health officials have spoken up about the dangers of fish pedicures. Despite the popularity of fish pedicures (they were featured over the summer on ...... read more

Don’t Let Slippery Ice Get You Down

Tuesday night brought a shocking, wet winter storm, Leon, to the South, with many left stranded by canceled flights and closed roads. Though such severe winter weather was once a rarity, 2014 has already highlighted unprecedented extremes, with widespread snow and ice storms across the Midwest, as well. With ...... read more

4 Ways to Prevent Achilles Tendinitis

Stiffness, pain, and swelling in the heel and calf are symptoms of Achilles tendinitis. The condition is very common and can be caused by a number of factors. That’s because the Achilles tendon—the largest tendon in the body—is used in a huge variety of activities. Whether you’re running, dancing, or ...... read more

Tips and Tricks To Help the Shoe Fit

Sometimes shoes and feet have a love/hate relationship. You buy a pair of pricey athletic shoes that you think will feel great, but they make each trip to the gym a nightmare. You switch to summery sandals when the weather warms up, but the blisters are intolerable. The list goes on and on. At times,...... read more

Off to a Great Start in 2014

Well, we’re two weeks in to 2014. How’s it going for everyone? Here at Renova, we’re enjoying the new year, and are looking forward to making the most of it. We also look forward to each opportunity we have to help others become healthier and happier with their lives. Since there’s so much to share,...... read more

Resolutions for a Happy, Healthy New Year

The making of New Year’s resolutions is a time honored tradition. At Renova, we’re always pleased to see people make resolutions to better their health during the coming year. But there’s one area that we’ve noticed that often gets forgotten when making resolutions—foot health! Keeping your feet in ...... read more

Will 3D Technology Introduce a New Era of Foot Care?

While 3D scanning and 3D printing have been around for several years now, the technology has only recently begun to have applications in the world of foot care. Doctors in the UK plan to revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of foot conditions with a PedCAT 3-D scanner. Here in the US, shoemakers like New Balance...... read more

Dr. Sandhu on 1110 AM Sunday 12/15

Tune in to 1110AM this Sunday to hear Dr. Sandhu discuss timely health concerns like diabetes and ice related injuries. Dr. Sandhu is a recurring guest on FunAsia’s medical radio show which airs from 10-11am on Sundays. Previously, Dr. Sandhu has been on FunAsia to share his insights on shoegear and Plantar ...... read more

Celebrate the Holidays in Comfort and Style

The holidays are quickly approaching and we all know what that means: ample opportunities to dress up and celebrate in style! Unfortunately, for far too many people, especially women, this can mean wearing shoes that are as painful as the are pretty. But while fashion may have a price, you shouldn’t have to ...... read more

Protect Your Feet From Pedicure Danger

Pedicures are a common way for people to wind down and pamper themselves after a stressful week. Unfortunately, these same pedicures are a common cause of athlete’s foot, nail fungus and infections. Nail fungus is an often painful and reoccurring condition that can cause nails to become brittle, discolored or ...... read more