Patient Testimonials

Renova Foot and Ankle

title= My experience was very good. My doctor told me exactly what he was going to do and the follow up was great. I’d recommend him. In fact, I’ve already told a couple of people about him. I’m back. I’m wearing my regular shoes. Before, I could hardly walk, it hurt so much.


title= I was experiencing pain in a joint of my foot because of rheumatoid arthritis and a bunion. The bunion was so painful. I just love the doctors at Renova. I am very satisfied and glad I went to see them. My doctor personally took the time to call me the day after my surgery to see how I was doing. My surgery made a really big difference.


title= My surgery has helped a lot. The pain went away and it has stayed away. I had to wear a boot for two weeks and afterwards I could wear regular shoes. It healed up just fine.


title= I had Morton’s Neuroma. For a long time I could stay off of it and get by….Eventually my wife called Renova. It was about time to get some help. They were very nice. I didn’t have any pain after the surgery. I couldn’t ask for anything better.


title= I love the doctors at Renova. They’re wonderful and kind. They did a great job. I’m much better off than I was. I have arthritic joints but now I’m back in regular shoes and walking on a track. I would wake up in pain. With my bunion, I couldn’t wear any shoes. Renova addressed all my issues.


title= I needed an operation on my Achilles tendon. It healed up well. My doctor was wonderful and so was his staff. I feel much better now. The pain is virtually gone. It is nothing compared to what it was before the surgery.


title= I was having problems with arthritis in my right ankle for about three years. It took me about three years to decided I needed surgery. I wanted to make sure I could still do athletic things like run and ride my bike. Eventually, I went to the foot and ankle clinic and I finally found the courage to say I wanted surgery for a long term cure. My doctor gave me confidence….My experience with the staff was close. They were very considerate when I came back for my appointments.


title= I had a Partial tear of my Achilles so I called Renova after seeing a commercial on TV. I was looking for an alternative to the surgeon that my doctor had recommended. With Renova, the treatment would not be as invasive and the downtime would not be as long. My recovery was just on schedule. Afterwards, I was back at work and my regular activities.


title= Everything went well with my surgery. I am walking normally. The doctors at Renova were wonderful and I really appreciate everything. I am all healed.


title= I went to Renova for bunion problems on my right foot, and later went back for surgery on the left foot too. I love Renova’s doctors and staff. I tell everybody about them.