Laser Treatment

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Effective removal of harmful nail fungus

Fungal nails can be painful and unattractive. Even worse, nail fungus can lead to infection or permanent nail loss. While certain topical and oral medications may help rid toenails of harmful fungus, laser treatment offers consistent results and has little to no side effects.  At Renova Foot and Ankle, we use a high powered laser to kill off nail fungus without damage to the surrounding skin. Laser treatment is a quick and painless procedure that has proven effective for many patients suffering from nail fungus.

Rediscover healthy, attractive nails.

No one needs the stress of feeling embarrassed about how their nails look. Laser treatment is a simple, FDA approved procedure that can help restore your nails to their normal state and help you feel confident again. After Laser treatment, nails usually begin growing in healthy right away.

Long-Term Solutions at RENOVA

Nail fugus removal is not just an issue of vanity. Treating fungal nails can prevent the permanent loss of nails and serious infection. Forget the inconvenience and possible side effects of oral medication and ointments. Laser treatment can help you find relief from nail fungus for good. Contact Renova today to see if Laser treatment is right for you.

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