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Tenex Health TX

Sometimes, cases of Plantar Faciitis and Achilles tendinitis are too advanced to be treated non-surgically. These conditions can cause chronic pain and, if left untreated, can lead to permanent tendon damage and disability. Luckily, recent advances in foot and ankle care have led to the creation of a new procedure called Tenex Health TX™. Renova Foot and Ankle is proud to be one of the few providers in DFW to offer Tenex Health TX™. This advanced procedure has already helped many patients find relief from tendon pain.

A New Minimally-Invasive Treatment

With Tenex Health TX™, patients no longer have to put their lives on hold for surgery. This state-of-the-art procedure combines ultrasound imagining with the uniquely designed MicroTip™ to target unhealthy tissue near the tendon for removal. A unique method of tissue restoration, Tenex Health TX™ has been effective in treating the Achilles tendon an Plantar fascia, as well as many other commonly injured tendon and soft tissue areas. In a minimally-invasive procedure that lasts no more than 20 minutes, your surgeon can restore a tendon to its original healthy, pain-free state.

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Because Tenex Health TX™ requires a tiny microincision (about 3mm) and only interferes with unhealthy tissue, procedures do not typically require a long recovery period. Stitches are not required after the procedure and most patients can return to normal activity between 2 and 6 weeks after surgery.

Ultrasound makes Tenex Health TX™ safe and effective.

While doctors have been using ultrasound as a diagnostic tool for about 50 years, few surgeons have adapted ultrasound into their procedures. By incorporating ultrasound imaging, Tenex Health TX™ lets surgeons view the procedure in real time. Ultrasound magnifies and projects an image of the tissue so that the doctor can detect damaged tissue without making a large incision. With an unimpeded view of the procedure, the surgeon applies the MicroTip™ tool to damaged tissue and leaves healthy tissue unharmed.

Find out if Tenex Health TX™ is the solution for you.

If you are seeking relief from Plantar Faciitis or Achillies Tendinitis pain, call Renova Foot and Ankle to find out if Tenex Health TX™ is right for you. You can also visit to learn more about how Tenex Health TX™ helps patients overcome tendon conditions like Plantar Faciitis and Achilles Tendinitis.

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