Corns and Callouses

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Causes of Toe Pain

What are Corns and Calluses?

Corns and Calluses are thick areas of hardened skin that develop with friction and pressure. While calluses are common on the hands and feet of active people, advanced calluses and corns can become unsightly and begin to cause discomfort or pain.

Pain on the soles of your feet may be caused by calluses while corns often develop on the toes. While calluses can vary in size, corns are usually smaller, with a hard center that is surrounded by inflamed skin.

Frequent activity like walking and running can lead to the creation of small calluses on the soles of the feet.

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FAQ: Corns and Callouses

When do corns and callouses need to be treated by a doctor?

While treatment is not always necessary for corns and calluses, you should see a doctor if they cause you pain. Treating affected areas early will help prevent unnecessary pain in the future. If you have diabetes or poor circulation, however, it is very important to seek treatment so that corns and calluses do not become open sores.

What can be done to treat corns and callouses?

Wearing more comfortable shoes and using padding on toes can remove friction from affected areas. If this does not help, your doctor may trim off corns and calluses and apply salicylic acid to the foot. Shoe inserts and antibiotic medication can also help. Though surgery is rarely needed to treat corns and calluses, it can help in extreme cases.

I have a small but painful skin formation on my foot that does not look like a corn or a callous. What is it?

You may have a Plantar wart or Palmer wart. These often form on the bottoms of the feet, especially on children. Though warts are not harmful, they can be uncomfortable and unattractive. A doctor can easily remove warts with freezing or medication.

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